Environmental Quality

E.Q. Committee – EQ is governed by Cincinnati’s Environmental Quality Urban Design District No 4 Guidelines. These guidelines apply to the mostly business properties adjacent to Hyde Park Square on Erie, Edwards, Observatory and Michigan Avenues. They apply in addition to the zoning codes. The guidelines cover the following:

Location, size and shape of buildings
Exterior renovation of structures
Building Materials
Demolition of Buildings
EQ has six members–three from HPNC and 3 from the Hyde Park Square Business Association. We review building/renovation plans submitted to the city’s plan examiner, and make recommendations back to the plan examiner. The city’s plan examiner either accepts or rejects the plans submitted and is charged with enforcement of the guidelines. We often work with those who are submitting the plans to help them gain easier plan acceptance.

A similar EQ district has also been established for the East Hyde Park Business District along Erie Avenue and Marburg. Until an independent EQ committee is established for that district, the HPNC EQ members, and some HPE business representatives have been reviewing plans for that district, too.